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Freedom from Yourself:

Rumi's Selected Poems from Divan Shams Tabrizi

- As interpreted by Alexander King


Please enjoy the first poem from the book - Freedom From Yourself - Rumi's Selected Poems from the Divan Shams Tabrizi translated by Alexander King





I went through a journey without I*


There, my heart opened up to joy without I*


The Beloved who always hid His face from me


Suddenly showed His beautiful face to me without I*


I died from the pain of not finding you


A new birth came and I was reborn without I*


Now I am always drunk without any wine


Now I am always happy and joyful without I*


Do not ever remember me for who I* was


I am the remembrance of me without I*


I say happy and loving words without I*


It is I who is always alive without I*


All the doors of fortune and joy were closed on me


Suddenly they were opened to me without I*


With I*, even if I am a king, I am a slave of time


Without I*, there is no slavery in all my kingdom


I am drunk with the wine from Shams Tabriz


May this drunkenness of love be always without I*


1 I* Represents I as ego and the state of mind were we are not in the present moment; either we are fearful of the future or guilty of the past and constantly.




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