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Freedom from Yourself:

Rumi's Selected Poems from Divan Shams Tabrizi

- As interpreted by Alexander King


Freedom from Yourself: Rumi's Selected Poems from Divan Shams Tabrizi, is a book of selected poetic works by Rumi. 

Rumi, born in the thirteenth century, is still one of the world's most loved and influential mystic poets. The poems in this book are expertly translated and edited by Alexander King who's mother tongue is Farsi. He has studied Rumi's work for over 35 years and wrote this book to help set us free from our ignorance and the prison of our minds which keeps us occupied in misery, fear, and guilt.

Rumi’s teaching is based on the foundations of Sufifism which is divine love, worship, simplicity and moderation, goodness, consciousness of God, humbleness, and tolerance. The most celebrated relationship in Rumi’s spiritual development was with Shams Tabrizi, whom he met in Konya. Through their spiritual teamwork, they enlightened many people and also influenced all the centuries which followed. The poems translated in this book were written by Rumi for Shams Tabrizi.

This book was written to help people reach their ultimate goal of attaining Nirvana—a state of mind when all our desires subside and we live in total harmony, peace, serenity and total stillness of the mind. it represents the final goal of Buddhism. Freedom from Yourself enables everyone to go deeper into understanding the meaning of Rumi's poems for Shams Tabrizi, and to apply them directly to the everyday problems we can encounter.

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